Using CBD Vape Oil for Pain Relief

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CBD Vape Oil for Pain

There’s plenty of reasons why vaporizers and the technology behind them are making combustion completely unnecessary when it comes to enjoying cannabis. And perhaps we should say utilizing cannabis along with enjoying it, as in today’s day and age it’s increasingly common knowledge that marijuana has therapeutic benefits in the same way it has recreational ones. Different people have different aims. One of the more common ones for those who see marijuana more as medicine than an intoxicant is vaping CBD vape oil for pain.

CBD is the important part of the distinction there. It is important to understand that while CBD and THC are both cannabinoids, they couldn’t be any more different from each other. Long story short, THC is the cannabinoid that holds the appeal for recreational users who want to get high. On the other hand, CBD is the cannabinoid that holds most of the promise for cannabis being used for relief of a whole host of different ailments and health conditions.

Most of the more renowned strains of cannabis are heavy on THC content, and that’s because they do what they’re expected to do for users who are after a ‘buzz’. But for users who have no interest in getting a buzz and instead are just looking to be pain free, CBD is definitely where their interests lie.

Let’s take a deeper look at what makes using CBD vape oil for pain so advisable, and briefly discuss where’s the best place to buy CBD vape oil in Canada.

What Goes into Making CBD Vape Oil

CBD vape oil gets its beginnings with the extraction process that creates the oil. The CO2 extraction method makes the best vape oil, and it involves expensive machinery and a 3-step process. It produces the purest CBD vape oil, but not surprisingly it’s the most expensive CBD vape oil. Liquid solvent extraction is a more cost-effective means of getting the CBD out of the weed, but it doesn’t produce a pure product like C02 extraction.

The extracted product must then be exposed to a heat source at a specific temperature to make it so that the CBD cannabinoid can be activated. This is called decarboxylation, and without it the CBD vape oil for pain that you rely on would be completely inert. The heat activates the cannabinoid from CBDA to CBD. Then, and only then, does it have the properties users want to experience from it.

At this point the extracted oil is too viscous for vaping. It needs a thinning agent, and most commonly that’s vegetable glycerine. It’s a good choice because it doesn’t interfere with the consistency of the CBD oil. It also doesn’t change the taste of the vapour. Now the product is ready for vaping, and some manufactures will add flavouring.

CBD Vape Oil for Pain Applications

We’ll skip any mention of what’s needed to vape CBD oil for pain relief and assume that you’re already aware of that. A vaporizer with some type of heating element and atomizer chamber will be required. As with any consumer product, you get what you pay for. So it’s best to avoid cheap models and buy a quality vaporizer for vaping CBD oil.

Let’s instead discuss the different types of pain that CBD oil can help with.

For starters, CBD is a strong analgesic that makes it an effective reliever of any type of physical pain. CBD works to modulate the body’s pain response. Here’s a list of other treatment aims people have when taking CBD vape oil for pain:

  • Suppression of chronic pain – some types of chronic pain (defined as any type of pain that lasts longer than 2 weeks without any kind of reprieve) are more receptive to the effects of CBD vape oil than others, but generally speaking it’s effective for most types of chronic pain.
  • Suppression of joint pain – at the forefront of the types of joint pain effectively treated by CBD is arthritis. That CBD holds so much promise for a condition that debilitates so many people in older age is very fortunate. It’s also shown to have much the same promise for people suffering from fibromyalgia.
  • Suppression of pain and symptoms of MS – relief of muscle spasms, general spasticity, and neuropathic pain caused by Multiple Sclerosis is reduced with regular use of CBD vape oil.

Additional Relief Uses

Taking advantage of CBD vape oil for pain isn’t the only area where there’s therapeutic potential for the cannabinoid. It has other promising possibilities for providing relief to sufferers of many different ailments and diseases. Among them are:

  • Treatment of seizures and epilepsy
  • Treating generalized anxiety disorders
  • Treatment of some of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s
  • Treating psychotic episodes related to schizophrenia
  • Helping with smoking and drug-use cessation efforts

Where to Buy CBD Vape Oil

Following legalization in mid October of last year, cannabis and cannabis products are much more readily available in Canada. There are many places you can buy CBD vape oil. In the coming year it should be easy to find in licensed cannabis retailer outlets in your home town. As far ordering it online, you have Canada’s leading producer of highest quality recreational and medicinal marijuana, with a nice selection of these products made available at unbeatable prices.

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